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So, the holiday season is here and everyone is planning a trip! This is the best and the most festive time to travel anywhere in the world. And if you’re anything like us you would love to ring in the New Year by going on a holiday. But what is the best time to book flights for Christmas and New Year? Read on.

Book it early 

If you still haven’t booked your tickets, do it right now. November end is almost here and you wouldn’t want to pay a bomb on the airfares. Book your tickets on Paytm and you might get some exciting discounts and cash backs too!

Avoid the weekends

Before you book, make sure to keep in mind that you avoid the weekend before the holidays as that’s the busiest time of the year and you might get massive price hikes if you book then. For Christmas, cheaper departure dates are currently December 21-25 and for the flight back home it’s best to leave on December 28th -31st 

Don’t neglect the time of booking

The cheapest times to fly are early in the morning from 5 am to 7 am or in the evening after 8 pm The most expensive times to fly are  8 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm

For those who wait till the last minute

If your time has gone and you’re booking in a hurry, make sure you have the 21 day time period before booking your flight. Once you hit that 21-day window, fares usually start to escalate. The most expensive days to book are 7 days before departure. So, make sure to book as early as you can before your departure date to get the cheapest tickets.

So, plan your winter wonderland holiday as soon as possible and book your travel tickets on Paytm. Travel smart!

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