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Travel is a very subjective experience, because each experience generates a different emotion in you. The emotions you feel vary from a business trip to a family vacation to a solo adventure and of course weekend getaways. Some can be pressure, while others can be happiness, solace and of course love. Every trip has a lasting impact on you, it rejuvenates your mind, boosts your confidence and makes you love yourself and your life all over again. Travel is a silent antidote, you don’t know you need it. 

This Valentines Day, while you surprise and celebrate with your close ones, come fall in love with life changing experiences and destinations with Paytm Travel.

Just like everything else, when it comes to travel, humans are spoiled with choices. From beaches to mountains to underwater explorations to bustling cities and peaceful retreats, each type of travel has a different impact on every individual. No two people will ever experience the same emotion at the same place, and that’s the magic of travel. The emotions generated are so unique and true to the place and the individual, it helps you discover yourself time and again.

5 such experiences around the world which will open your heart are…

 Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights


Nature’s light show is an awe-inspiring colorful display of emerald green, magenta, turquoise and more swirling through the sky, created by solar particles blown into the earth’s magnetic field. The best time to see them is from late September to late March. 6 places where you can witness this natural wonder are Fairbanks (Alaska), Saariselkä (Finland), Kiruna (Sweden), Yellowknife (Canada), Cairngorms National Park (Scotland), and Akureyri (Iceland). You can fly to the nearest airport and taxi to the view point.

The River Ganges


The 2000-year old holy city of Varanasi, India offers a spectacular view of the whole cycle of life. There are 9 different Ghats along the river bed, hop onto the boat at one of them and slowly sail along the shores of Ganges to witness lifes candid moments. And finally stop right across the Dasaswamedh Ghat to witness the grandeur of the Maha Aarti. The movement of the lamps, held in the pandits’ hands, in synchronization to the rhythmic chants of hymns and clang of cymbals and this entire spectacle reflected by River Ganges is a must-see. You can reach Varanasi by flight, bus or train.

Deep Sea Diving


You’ve experienced life on land, but have you ever wondered about life under water? The animals and plants that coexist and the vibrant atmosphere they call home? Although you need training, a dive into the deep sea will change your life forever. Some of the best places around the world include The Blue Hole (Belize), Gili Islands (Indonesia), Sipaden (Malaysia), The Great Barrier Reef (Australia), and Egyptian Red Sea amongst others. You can fly to the nearest airport and hit the oceans with your scuba instructors.

Hot-Air Balloon


Growing up, did you adorn a cape and pretend to fly around the house while secretly wishing you could actually fly and see the world from atop? Hot-air balloons are the real-life version of that wish. Imagine floating over fairy chimneys, pinnacles, hills, valleys and rock-cut churches. Sounds pretty magical, huh? Yep, this sort of aerial escapade is bound to shift your perspective on things. There are many sensational spots for a hot-air balloon ride, but hands down Cappadocia (Turkey) is the best. Others include Punta Ala (Italy), Maasai Mara National Reserve (Kenya), Château-d’Oex (Switzerland), and Moab (Utah).

African Safari


Boasting one of the biggest and baddest national parks in Serengeti and 16 national parks in total, Tanzania is the perfect place to watch the annual wildebeest migration. From elephants pausing for a thirst-quenching drink at a watering hole to leopards chasing gazelles across the savanna, expect scenes straight out of National Geographic. And it goes without saying, a safari is the epitome of lifetime experiences that will stay bright in your memories for decades.

This V-Day if you’re looking for something to love, other than your people of course, pick an experience and join the #LoveForTravel bandwagon. Because it is not just an emotion but a lifestyle.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. 


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