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India’s aviation regulatory DGCA bans the use of specific models of Apple MacBook Pro on flights in India. The ban is on 15-inch laptops that were sold by Apple from September 2015 to February 2017. This move has been initiated due to the overheating of the laptops’ batteries. The models can be identified by their respective serial numbers. 

These specific models of laptops would not be allowed in check-in baggage or in-hand baggage unless the battery has been removed from the laptop or the battery has been certified safe by Apple. This DGCA issued order applies to both domestic and international flights from India. A few years back, a similar ban was issued on Samsung Gaalaxy Note 7 devices on flights.

This notice from DGCA has been initiated after the ban of these MacBook Pro devices by international airline operators. The American Federation Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency have informed the airline operators to take measures towards the same. Some of the airlines that have complied to this initiative are Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. 

The Apple website gives you more information on whether your MacBook Pro is affected or not by this directive. 

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