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Amazing Hacks To Book Cheaper Flight Tickets

Flooded with festivals and holidays, this is the right time to make travel plans and escape! With Diwali, Christmas and New Year round the corner, there are plenty of reasons to travel to your favourite destinations. Well, at times you may be forced to cut down your plans due to a restricted budget for travel. Let’s crack some of the best flight ticket booking hacks!

Make early bookings

If you’re planning a domestic trip. The ideal time is to book around 7 weeks prior to the preferred date of travel. For an international trip, it is better to book earlier to grab the best deals online

Avoid weekends

Since many bookings are done over the weekends as people find more time for the same during these days, the websites may show a slightly higher rate on weekends. The smart way is to book on weekdays when the bookings made are comparatively very low. 

Pick the flights smartly

The early hour flights are usually cheaper due to the low load during these hours. This is one way to get cheap flight tickets online. 

Keep your search private

Remember that the websites keep a track of your online activities. When you search for the same route over and over again on the same website, you can notice that the fares keep increasing slowly. To avoid this, use incognito mode and keep your search private. 

Compare between websites

There are multiple websites out there who claim cheapest flight fares. Some websites also allow you to compare the fares of websites. Utilise this, and have the fares compared before having the booking done. 

Book one-way tickets

Planning a round trip could save your time, but can feel heavier on your pockets. Instead of checking the fares for a round trip, search for one-way fares and get the best deal available. 

Keep these in mind and ensure that you grab the best flight booking deals available. Happy flying!

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