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Try something different and indulge in a lavish cruise in India this time! Ditch the usual road trips, and long haul flights, India also offers many cruise holidays which you can take with your loved one or your family. Here are some of the best cruise holidays in India for your next vacation.

Andaman Islands Cruise


One of the most pristine islands in India, Andamans offers an amazing cruise as well! You can take a cruise on glass bottom cruise which offers spectacular views of the all the sea life, you can even see the colourful corals! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the Jolly Buoy & Neil Island.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

KeralaDefinitely one of the most enthralling cruises in India, this cruise takes you to the stunning backwaters of Kerala. The tall green palm trees and a slow ride through the fishing villages of Kerala makes for one of the best experiences ever. There are even luxury cruises in India, which is notch above all the regular cruises.

Chillika Lake Cruise

If you want to witness wildlife from the comfort of a boat and even spot variety of dolphins as they dance around in the beautiful Chillika Lake. This is about 60km from Puri and is a hub for birdwatchers. You spot many exotic birds like falcons & spot-billed pelicans.

Cochin Cruise


One of the most popular beach cruises in India, Cochin cruises redefine luxury as they take you in big, massive ships around the sea. They offer some traditional cuisines aboard, as the guests enjoy the wonderful sea breeze and sights!

Brahmaputra River Cruise


The Almighty Brahmaputra offers some stunning scenes, as you cruise along the river. You can see enchanting countryside, rural villages and even spot some dolphins! The exotic river life will enchant your senses!

Goa Cruise


How can the ever popular Goa cruise be behind on the list of amazing cruise holidays in India. They offer many different cruises, from luxurious to budget to party ones! Embark on a fun journey and get ready to party all night with live music, delectable cuisine on board!

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