Airfares on a rise? Book bus tickets for these perfect New Year’s getaway

With new year’s just around the corner, airfares have shot up by more than double for the long vacations ahead. If you have missed out on pre-bookings, but cannot miss out on exploring new places when it is the most beautiful time of the year, your wallet is surely going to take a hit!

Luckily for people around Delhi, traveling by bus is a still far economical option to plan a cozy, family or friends trip to a nearby place. Not only will it be light on your pocket, but also it will offer something different! Here are some places you can travel to from Delhi-

1.The Pink City, Jaipur

The “Pink City” is lovely this time of the year, as the weather is just perfect to explore the capital city of Rajasthan. From the Pink walled forts of the city to the lovely markets; there’s much to do in Jaipur! What’s more it’s just a bus ride away from Delhi. Located at just 296 kms away from Delhi, a bus ride take around 5-6 hours to reach Jaipur.

Bus Ticket Price from Delhi to Jaipur: vary from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200

2. Kasol – Mini Israel of India

One of the most happening places for youngsters to visit before this year ends, is Kasol. A hippie-type hill-station which is serene, quite and has everything great for that quiet New Years! Kasol also hosts some great trance and Silent Disco parties this time of the year. So, get ready to party in the hills. Though this is a bit far, but an overnight journey just about covers the distance of 518 kms.

Bus Ticket Price from Delhi to Kasol: starting at Rs. 500 

3. The Holy City, Varanasi

If you want to start the year in a pure and holy place, there’s no better place than Varanasi! This holy town is 13 hours away from Delhi. Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, the city draws Hindu pilgrims all over the year. One dip in the holy Ganges and all your sins are known to get washed away! A perfect start to the New Year isn’t it?

Bus Ticket Price from Delhi to Varanasi: starting at Rs. 400

4. The City Beautiful, Chandigarh

If shopping and partying true Punjabi style, floats your boat then there’s no better place than Chandigarh! Located just 4 hours away from Delhi, this is a the perfect place to chill, relax and party. You can explore the various shopping options at the markets here or just relax on the New Year.

Bus Ticket Price from Delhi to Chandigarh: starting at Rs. 200.

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Happy Vacationing!

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