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Indian Flag Hoist on Republic Day

The Indian Republic Day is just around the corner. India is a country known for its rich culture, diversity and unwavering commitment to the independent constitutional republic. During this celebration of the achievements of Republic India and our patriotic nostalgia of the Indian constitutional evolution, we at Paytm, would like to remind you of our admiration of the service of our brave soldiers to the nation.

The Indian Armed Forces have been protecting us from external threats and ensuring our safety for decades. In appreciation of their valiant efforts, Paytm offers special fares for our courageous soldiers. This initiative is a way to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our soldiers, hence their much-deserved rights to special flight fares and to express our gratitude for their commitment to the nation.

pexels-pixabay-36785Honouring the right of Indian Armed Forces to discounted airfares

Paytm Flights celebrates the service of Indian Armed Forces this Republic Day by reminding them of our special flight discounts. Our Armed Forces Special fares can be especially beneficial for those soldiers who often have to travel long distances to visit their families. The Indian Armed Forces have always been at the forefront of protecting our country and safeguarding our people and their freedom. The special fares are a small token of our appreciation for their continued service and dedication. We hope that this initiative will make travel easier and better for our dedicated soldiers while knowing of our tribute to their untiring courage and service for our nation.

pexels-pixabay-54098-scaledSpecial airfares for the Army to celebrate the freedom of travel

As part of our appreciation of the fearless Indian soldiers and their constant dedication towards our people and nation, Paytm provides an exclusive discount of flat 15% off on flights with promo code JAIHIND along with up to 15% additional discount provided by the airlines. Our soldiers can avail the special armed forces discounts while travelling to their hometowns or other places.

india-flag-g7cddd98f8_1920Who can avail Armed Forces Special Fares?

Paytm Armed Forces special fares are available for all ranks of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. As part of our appreciation of the unfaltering sacrifices and heroic efforts of our Fauji comrades, the Paytm Flights Armed Forces Special Fares are meant for currently serving soldiers, ex-military personnel of the Indian army, Air Force and Navy, as well as their dependent family members.

Our special discount is applicable additionally on the discounted armed forces fares provided by some airlines. No document uploads are required in order to avail our special Armed Forces discount. You will simply need your valid army / dependent identity card issued by the Indian Armed Forces to avail the special fare and for verification at departure.

pexels-pramod-tiwari-13316131-scaledHow to avail the Armed Forces Special Fares

Availing this special offer is easy and fast. You can simply follow the steps below and get to travelling with our special fares in no time.

  1. Open the Paytm app, scroll down & choose Flight Tickets
  2. Enter your preferred flight source & destination details
  3. Select Armed Forces under Special Fares based on your eligibility
  4. Choose your preferred flight & enter promocode JAIHIND to avail the Armed Forces special discount
  5. Enter all the required personal details, complete payment & confirm your flight booking

pexels-sanket-barik-7846477-scaledThis Indian Republic Day, revel in our national glory with more travel & extra savings

If you are part of the Indian Armed Forces, remember to select the special fares and apply the relevant promo code to avail our special discount. Also remember to share this with all your friends, relatives and family to let everyone know of our gratitude towards the Indian heroes and so that our Fauji family can avail more flight savings and travel in the special way that they deserve for their service and dedication towards our nation.


Whether you belong to the armed forces or not, Paytm always offers a wide array and variety of discounts to one and all. So make sure you log in to Paytm Flights and avail our all-year-round exciting discounts and deals for everyone, to always take off to your refreshing adventures the savings way! Travel karo, Paytm karo!

Happy soaring, Jai Hind!

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