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Sweden Music Festival

Sweden will host its first ‘women-only’ music festival, the Statement Festival, from August 31 to September 1, in 2018.  Statement Festival is a direct reaction to the case of sexual assault and rape that took place at Sweden’s popular festivals Bråvalla and Putte I Parken. There have been 23 reported sexual assaults in 2017.

The idea of a women-only music festival was suggested by the State Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare, after the Bravalla Festival was cancelled following reports of sexual assault and rape. The festival had raised over ₹38 lakh through a crowdfunding campaign. This men-free summer 2018 event will only allow cis women, non-binary and transgender women to attend.

Music Festival

The tweet from comedienne Emma Knyckare quickly gained traction, post which, the fund raising campaign proved to be a major success. In Sweden, it is not illegal to exclude a group based on gender when the exclusion is made in “good intention”. This festival is definitely a great move as it would give women a safe place to enjoy music in public.

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